Weight Loss-What to do

We’ll be talking weight loss and supplements the next few blogs, so here we go.

The big thing to know right off is that there is no miracle weight loss supplement in the world. Especially don’t waste your money on those miracle weight-loss products on TV. They are a rip off.

Let’s look at what to do.

  1. Quit eating junk. You don’t need a diet book or one filled with recipes etc. We all know what junk food is, so just start eliminating it from your world.
  2. Exercise to the best of your ability on some kind of regular basis.
  3. Sleep and rest—quit burning yourself out.

The following supplements are what we call thermogenic agents, which means they help burn fat. These will help if you’re eating right and exercising but are not going to work very well by themselves.

  1. Caffeine (found in herbs like guarana-kola nut-yerba mate-coffee beans)
  2. Bitter Orange
  3. Hydroxycitric acid (Garcinia)
  4. CLA (conjugated Linoleic acid)
  5. Coleus Forskohlii

So, keep in mind that in buying supplements the following rules.

  1. Don’t buy “fairy dusted products”
  2. Stay away from “big box” stores
  3. Buy nothing off the TV
  4. If it’s dirt cheap, that’s probably what you’re getting.
  5. If it claims to cure everything, it probably does nothing.


—Mike Rogers-Pharm.D.

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