What is CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)


CBD OIlCBD oil is an extract from the cannabis plant (hemp) that contains a group of molecules called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids, which contain a high concentration of CBD but very little THC (the one that gets you high), are being studied for many therapeutic effects. You can think of CBD oil as medical marijuana without the high. Because it is classified as a supplement it is legal in all 50 states.

Because it is classified as a supplement it is legal in all 50 states. So, what’s the big deal about it? CBD gained a lot of publicity when Dr. Sanja Gupta did a report on CNN about how CBD oil relieved seizures in a little girl named Charlotte who was having about 300 seizures per week. By using the CBD oil the seizures went to zero. (Yes, zero.)

WE had a patient who had been using it for chronic pain and asked if we could get for her instead of her ordering from the Internet. We investigated and were able to obtain from 4 different companies considered the most reputable—Charlottes Web, Palmetto Harmony, Green Mountain, and CV Sciences. We have been carrying the products for over a year now and have seen unbelievable results.

There are tons of clinical trials being conducted for many conditions. We have seen patients using CBD oil for the following:

  1. Seizures (in both humans and dogs)
  2. Chronic pain
  3. Anxiety
  4. Sleep
  5. PTDS
  6. Arthritis
  7. Muscle relaxation
  8. Fibromyalgia
  9. Migraines
  10. Psoriasis and Eczema
  11. Parkinsons

The list goes on and on…

But how could one plant help so many conditions? It sounds like a scam, but it’s not. The cannabinoids affect what’s called our own endocannabinoid system in our body. This system affects almost all systems in our body. There are receptors for cannabinoids all over our body, and our body actually makes its own cannabinoids. The purpose of this system is to keep our body in homeostasis—that is, everything working properly—so that’s how it has so many varied uses.

At any rate, if you are dealing with issues for which you have found no relief with conventional medicines—CBD oil is not expensive and is worth a try.

Call us with questions and to place an order for CBD oil products—(828) 251-0094.

23 thoughts on “What is CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

  1. Sandy

    I have chronic pain among other issues. I am on prescription opiods and they don’t help enough..
    I need to gain weight which isn’t easy for me which no one seems to understand. Anyway do you think this could help me?

    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      Honestly–I don’t think it would help unless your metabolism is out of balance–one thing CBD does is to create balance back to the body–but just as a weight gain supplement-I don’t know—mike and bill

        1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

          Mark–Yes-CBD affects the endocannabinoid system in the body whose main function is homeostasis–that is to get the cells to do what they are suppose to be doing if they get out of wack–this system affects all bodily functions-so the system and thus CBD creates balance.

        2. Danilo Zanetti

          Hi Mark,
          The Endocannabinoid System maintains an optimal chemical balance in the body- CBD attaches to the enzyme FAAH- responsible for reducing excess anandamide in the body. CBD prevents FAAH from breaking down anandamide, thus making more of the chemical available for cell use. This article https://www.lovecbd.org/endocannabinoid-system/ may give you more information should you wish to research the topic further. I hope this helps

  2. dick weisberg

    What in your opinion is a dose for long term insomnia problems. Going to sleep, staying asleep & getting up early. I was diagnosed many years ago. I currently am prescribed generic Lunesta 9mg a night. A large dose. & would like to stop using it. In CA. I tried an edible form of CBD and had a good experience with it, but have no idea of the dose I took. It was the size of a tootsie roll. Please get back to me about this problem.

    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      thanks-we usually have patients start with a low dose of the oil sublingual and titrate up till get the response-we usually recommend the Charlottes brand in a certain strength because its easy to titrate–usually it take anywhere from 2mgm to 10mgm for sleep—mike and bill

  3. George

    I suffer from psoriasis and am interested in cbd oil as an additional remedy to supplement what I’m already doing. Do you have an experience the psoriasis and cbd? I was thinking of taking it sublingually as well as topically to spot treat individual lesions.

    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      George–yes we have had experience and yes it does help psoriasis, eczema etc–we have used both sublingual and topically–again-as with all conditions-dosing is the most important-getting the right dose for your situation-would suggest 10mgm-30mgm per day in divided doses-like 2-3 times a day and apply topically at least daily-thanks-Dr.Rogers

    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      Marc–We have not had a patient use for the pain of pancreatits-but we do have patients using for all kinds of pain-even one patients has had the pain of endometriosis relieved-so, as we tell patients-its worth a try–thanks- Dr.Rogers

  4. Frank Henderson

    I have Tourettes and a coworker told me a friend of his took CBD for Tourettes and helped quite a bit. One of my doctors I see for my OCD and Tourettes also recommended it. What are your thoughts on the treatment for Tourettes?

    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      Frank–we have not had any experience yet with tourettes–we do have experience with outburst of autism and it does calm things down–would be worth a try–probably only use it when needed-sublingual works within minutes and vaping works within seconds–capsules could take an hour-I would suggest the sublingual form intially–mike

  5. wncgal

    Hello..I came in to your store completely uninformed about CBD oil. I had heard it could help for sleep problems. On the 4th dose I noticed a change. Although it did not help for sleep( still working on the dosage for that) ..by the 6th dose I noticed a 80% decrease in sugar cravings and a 50% decrease in my back pain. Nice surprise! I am also much less anxious on a day to day basis. Now at day 9, I have noticed a 90% decrease in both sugar cravings and back pain. I WAS a skeptic!!Now I am spreading the word on what i call a miraculous equalizer. As i read more and more I realize how late to the game i am about this product. The fact that this supplement is not SUGGESTED ROUTINELY by health care professionals is a negligence. I am Grateful for your help. I started on the 5mg= 5 drops twice a day as per your suggestion and so far seems to be doing a great job. Thanks!!(Used the Palmetto Harmony brand) Will update in a few months..

  6. Michele Blitz

    I have several issues and am running out of specialists to consult with so I’m researching EVERYTHING

    I can to alleviate my pain and symptoms…may I make an appointment with ya’ll or shall I drop by?

    Thank you very much.

  7. Lisa

    I have a dystonia and have read that CBC oil has been beneficial for several people. Do you have any experience with this? If I am interested in trying would you be able to recommend a dosage?

    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      Lisa—we have had 2 patients that I know that have used for dystonia and it has helped–we can recommend dose depending on which products you order-thanks-mike

  8. Ron

    I have been prescribed Xanax for nearly 20 years and my current script is for 2mg 2x daily as needed. After 5 years of this same dosage, I needed more… I won’t get into how much I was taking just to keep my anxiety at bay, but my script was running out early every month.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, I was at a pharmacy dropping off a script for one of my patients and noticed the CBD oil on a shelf. I purchased the “Gold” label drops with a dose of 3mg per 1/2 dropper taking it 3x daily. After 3 days I realized that I hadn’t taken any Xanax AT ALL! I could feel a bit of detox coming on, so I took one tablet to resolve it.

    Now, I average (after 2 weeks) 5 Xanax a week and am taking the stronger 5mg per 1/2 dropper 3x daily. I have shared my story and my CBD with many people. I don’t know about other brands or dosages, but I can tell everyone about my EXPERIENCE with these drops. They are a God send.

    I try to be very objective in my review. I don’t care for pharmaceutical companies, although, they provide me job security… I have my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and work primarily with hospice patients.

    I have had anxiety issues for years. If you haven’t had anxiety problems, it may be difficult for you to understand. But anxiety melds (Benzos) were never created for long term use. I just hope this CBD keeps on working!!!

  9. Barb

    Please provide any information you may have on side effects from long-term use. From what I’ve read, there have not been any long-term research studies yet.

    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      Interesting question-I have not seen any info on any long term effects at this point—Probably no one has investigated-Dr.Rogers

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