Best Multivitamin/Mineral on the Market

We are regularly asked—what’s the best Multivitamin/mineral on market. Obviously, there are many good ones on the market, but the one we have found to be the best over the last 20 years (and the one we use ourselves) is the Nutrient 950 by Pure Encapsulations (with or without iron).

What do we like about it?

  1. Certain vitamins need to be activated once absorbed (like Folic Acid) and the Nutrient 950 product has them in activated form.
  2. The minerals are chelated for better absorption from the small intestines.
  3. There are no binders, excipients, colors, dyes, etc. in the capsule — only cellulose if needed as filler.
  4. Cost is $44.50/180 capsules (add 10% discount if ordered from our website).
  5. We recommend using 1-4 capsules daily depending on your health.
  6. If you eat well and are pretty healthy then 1-2 per day. If you don’t eat very well and do not have great health then take 2-4 capsules daily in divided doses.
  7. Men and post-menopausal women do not need the one with iron because excess iron can lead to arterial plaque.

Once again… zen
—Mike and Bill

2 thoughts on “Best Multivitamin/Mineral on the Market

  1. Johnnie bryant

    I have just received my first bottle of CBd oil. I have Parkinson’s and I’m hoping it will help with rhe pain and shakiness I have had for 4 year. Should I take it in am or pm ? Thx for any info. Loooking forward to doing a lot of business with you.

    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      Johnnie–It would be best to dose twice a day -that is -am and pm-at first and then if you can-cut dose down to once daily( am or pm)–if shakiness comes back-then go back to twice a day.–thanks-mike

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