Whats the best Multivitamin/Mineral on the market?

We are continually asked what is the best Multivitamin/Mineral on the market. Obviously, there are many. For 20 years we have recommended the Nutrient 950 (with or without iron). It’s also the one we use ourselves.

3 main reasons

  1. Many vitamins need to be activated once in the body—like folic acid—the nutrient 950 has the activated forms already.
  2. The minerals are chelated for the best absorption via the small intestines.
  3. There are no binders, excipient, colors, dyes, etc. in the capsules other than cellulose.

So, they cost $49.90 for 180 capsules (10% discount when ordered off website). We recommend taking anywhere from 1-4 capsules daily depending on your state of health.

If you’re in good health and eat pretty well, then take 1-2 per day. If you’re trying to rebuild your health and are not too good of an eater then 2 capsules twice a day. Also, men and women past menopause do not need iron because it can form plaque. S0, if you like, please order from our website because it will help us out.

Watch this video from our YouTube channel to learn more!

Thanks, Mike and Bill

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