Natural remedies for seasonal support

Staying healthy this time of year can be tricky!  The common cold and the flu are always around and very contagious! We have quite a few remedies that may help support our immune systems (Norm’s Farms Elderberry Extract, e.g.) as well as provide symptomatic relief (e.g., Ortho Molecular D-Hist) of various symptoms if you do get sick.  Even if you get sick, these nutrients may help shorten the duration and intensity of your illness.  Call us or come by for some suggestions!

Also, winter blues may creep in to our lives due to inactivity, cold weather, and darkness.  Steady doses of Vitamin D and a B-Complex may help minimize this.

For these or any other condition please contact us! As always, we offer a 20% discount on the second bottle of any same product you purchase. Remember to be kind….that is good medicine!!

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    1. Natures Vitamins and Herbs Post author

      Lynn-Yes it is good for RA–we have many patients who have done well and some who haven’t-so-its worth a try-Dr.Rogers

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